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20 March 2012

Help Wanted - I need feedback!

As promised a few posts ago, here is a quick summary of what I'm currently working on and what I would dearly love to have the time and funding to work on. I'm posting the first list because I feel like sharing, and the second list because I feel like sharing and because I'm hoping for some feedback on which bits of it might produce a product people would be willing to pay for. Hey, a girl's gotta eat (more to the point, a girl's gotta buy books and her border collie's gotta eat).

Awesome projects that I've been lucky enough to have other people hire me to work on: (in no particular order; my projects are like my nonexistent kids - they're all my favorite)
  • A super-informative public safety magazine in California
  • A guidebook on carrying concealed handguns
  • A great website for military families, service members, and veterans
  • A regional digital news site
  • A murder mystery party game with a fun twist
Projects of my own that I would like to work on:
  • Homeless Veterans Speak - A combination of oral history and demographic survey of homeless veterans, aimed at 1) putting human stories behind the statistics and 2) getting a better understanding of risk factors, urgent care needs, and issues with access to available resources. Already launched, but the Kickstarter failed on the first try.
  • The Poisoner's Apprentice - A rather morbid fantasy novel about an apprentice poisoner in her king's shadowy cadre of royal assassins. Contains an adorably clumsy sociopathic heroine obsessed with cemeteries, her dysfunctional aristocratic family, a royal assassination plot, and a manipulative sorceress.
  • Last Words - My blog about gravestones, specifically focused on historical gravestone iconography and older gravestones with intriguing stories attached. This is technically a project I've already launched, but I've had difficulty finding time for it recently, and I miss it.
  • Buried on the Border - A book about historical cemeteries along the U.S. - Mexican border, including lots of gorgeous full-color pictures and chapters on famous graves, rumored hauntings, and regional preferences in iconography.
  • Infected - A "zombie culture" blog focused on cultural aspects of the zombie genre, from reviews, to historical notes on the development of our concept of the undead, to cultural commentary on the wider implications of the zombie phenomenon. I don't want to write just another zombie survival guide, though a tip-of-the-week feature might be fun. Technically already launched, but looking for a re-boot. Mentioned previously...
  • Immunity - A tale of the zombie outbreak, in which people with autoimmune diseases turn out to have limited immunity to the bacteria that causes the dead to rise. Possibly the first in trilogy.
  • Death and the Undead - A zombie novel from the perspective of Death, who must sort out this walking-corpse situation before it changes her very identity. Also contains a sarcastic vampire and a persnickety old librarian (who is a ghost, but isn't letting that slow her down). Needs a better title.
Hopefully I'll actually get some responses to this (poke poke), and based on those, I'll pick the project or two that seem(s) to have the best chance, launch a Kickstarter, and see how it goes.

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  1. Hi! I really think your Death and the Undead idea is fun and unique. That's a new spin on the subject, and plus, zombies are still a hot topic. Might be easier to capitalize on that than some of the other (very interesting) ideas. Everything you listed sounds like its got merit though.


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